PA 6 material data sheet

Processing/Physical CharacteristicsValueUnitStandard
ISO Data
Melt flow index, MFI55g/10minISO 1133
Molding shrinkage, parallel2.0%ISO 294-4, 2577
Mechanical propertiesValueUnitStandard
ISO Data
Tensile Modulus2400MPaISO 527
Tensile Strength70MPaISO 527
Strain at break>50%ISO 527
Flexural modulus, 23°C2100MPaISO 178
Charpy impact strength, +23°CNkJ/m²ISO 179/1eU
Charpy notched impact strength, +23°C9kJ/m²ISO 179/1eA
Thermal propertiesValueUnitStandard
ISO Data
Melting temperature, 10°C/min217°CISO 11357-1/-3
Temp. of deflection under load, 1.80 MPa48°CISO 75-1/-2
Temp. of deflection under load, 0.45 MPa125°CISO 75-1/-2
Burning behav. at 1.5 mm nom. thickn.HBclassIEC 60695-11-10
Thickness tested1.6mm
Electrical propertiesValueUnitStandard
ISO Data
Relative permittivity, 1MHz3.45IEC 62631-2-1
Dissipation factor, 1MHz250E-4IEC 62631-2-1
Volume resistivity>1E13Ohm*mIEC 62631-3-1
Electric strength20.5kV/mmIEC 60243-1
Other propertiesValueUnitStandard
Water absorption2.3%Sim. to ISO 62
Density1130kg/m³ISO 1183