Connections as strong as a T-Rex bite!

We create innovative zip-technology products, dedicated mainly to the automotive industry. Our first product is ZipiRex® One

ZipiRex® One - the innovative universal fastening pin

This is universal replacement for most of car auto body clips, fasteners and push pin rivets. Presently we offer the pin that fits size 7,5 – 11 mm.
ZipiRex® One can permanently connect two or more surfaces (e.g. a wheel arch with a fender, etc.). The pin works on the principle of pressure. It gives a permanent connection without play and flying. ZipiRex® One is a Polish product patented in in the EU and in USA. It is made of durable and strong Polyethylen Hostalen GC 7260 ( >> Product specifications – external link << ) and weighs only 0,85 g per piece.

How to use ZipiRex® One

ZipiRex product usage manual

How to install

Cut & remove


As we just started selling, there is no online shop yet, but we will process every request via e-mail or telephone!